Wool Soft Car Washing Gloves

Wool Soft Car Washing Gloves

Wool Soft Car Washing Gloves

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Clean your car with the lightest and smoothest gloves


✔ Clean your car
Soft touch, highly absorbent, quick drying, and lint free cloth wicks water fast to keep you dry.

✔ Zero damage
Ultra soft, non-abrasive, not scratch any surfaces, paints, stainless steel or clear coats.

✔ Multi-purpose
They can be used in many cleaning jobs from using them as your kitchen dish cloth, washcloth, dish rag, drying cloth, household cleaning cloth to dusting cloth, from cleaning your home to your automotive.

✔ Reusable and washable
After Use, Cleaning and Drying Can Be Re-used, Get This Wash tool for car , So That Car Care Will Become A Pleasure


The wool soft car washing gloves have a size of 25 x 15 cm

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